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  • 24th April
  • 24
How? I simply asked after the trouble I had carrying the last one to a gig (tube was searched so didn't make it to the barrier) - I really wanted one signed when I met them in Cologne but I wasn't able to get one before then. Wasn't in a rush for it, they did it at their own convenience so I didn't know for sure when I'd get it back or what it would say. But having seen them all together earlier this week I had a feeling it was soon.

BTW - replied to this on your personal blog so if you do answer, it'll post to the right one.

Asked by: richsno1

That really was so nice of them - I’m so happy for you! I’m glad they made the effort for you as you are such a dedicated fan & you truly deserve it! You have such a fantastic collection of Stereophonics memorabilia - A collection I can only dream of! :)